MY REAL ESTATE AGENT® is a company of professionals who master the regulatory frameworks of the real estate sector in Senegal. MY REAL ESTATE AGENT®, a reference in real estate transactions of all kinds, offers you personalized services of management, rental or sale of your real estate. With an innovative real estate concept, specific to Africa, in perfect adequacy with African realities, MY REAL ESTATE AGENT® relies on female leadership. Concerned about your trust, it ensures a complete and personalized follow-up in the realization of your projects such as the purchase of the first home, the renting of the first office or the first real estate investment by perpetuating your assets. With a cumulative experience of more than 20 years in the sector, MY REAL ESTATE AGENT® puts at your disposal a professional team for the treatment of all your requests in a record time of 72 hours. Thanks to our network of more than 25 partner agencies, we offer you the best choices in clientele and products with all the reactivity required in the handling of your requests.

MY REAL ESTATE AGENT ® in major African cities


Your real estate agency in DAKAR


Your real estate agency in ABIDJAN


Apartment for sale in Dakar

House for sale in Dakar 

Land for sale in Dakar

Villa with pool for sale in Dakar

Apartment with pool for sale in Dakar


House for rent in Dakar

Apartment for rent in Dakar

Villa for rent in Dakar

Seasonal rental in Dakar

Dakar swimming pool apartment for rent


Adresse : Voie de dégagement nord, Dakar 12500, Sénégal
Téléphone : +221 33 820 37 20
Horaires :  Lundi - Vendredi 09:00–13:00, 15:00–17:00
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